Therapy Appointments

How I work:

1. Initial Consultation
We will take some time to consider the therapeutic process together and I will explain a little about what I can offer. Parents may come alone or maybe you are a young person hoping to meet. We can speak about any concerns or issues and what has brought you to find a therapist. This is also an opportunity to ask questions and then together we can decide whether to go forward and arrange further appointments.

2. Therapeutic Assessment
In these initial 3-6 meetings I want to get to know you and/or your child really well. I will explore the current concerns in more depth and ask about developmental milestones, family history and family life. This is also similar for when I work with young adults, however I will use the assessment meetings to speak with them directly.

3. Therapy plan
We may agree a therapy plan for short term (3-12 sessions) or long term (6 months and over) therapy. I work with children and adolescents individually, with their families or carers, or with parents separately from their children. E.g I may be able to help parents with worries about their children in a few sessions, and with more complex needs the work might include long term individual child therapy alongside regular meetings with parents/carers and the wider network.

4. Reviews
We will review the progress together regularly and amend the therapy plan accordingly.